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Electrical Solutions

Say no to Electrical surges, Power sags and dips, Tripping circuit breaker and get your perfect Electrical Solution with INNVOKE POWER.

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UPS Systems, UPS batteries & Rack
LT Panel, Switchgears, MCB, Transformers
Critical Space Power Management & Electricity Quality Audits
Electrical Solutions

Electrical Solutions helps you:

Maintain safety at your residence or workspace -

Having a perfectly installed and fitted electrical solution is absolutely necessary to keep everyone safe from hazards. One ill-fitted wire can cost you a person's life so choose wisely.

Get uninterrupted electricity -

Power cuts are still a problem in many areas of our nation whether rural or urban. To get uninterrupted electricity supply and to do your tasks without any hassle, it's always smart to opt for smart Innvoke Power electrical solutions.

Safe and effective running of all equipment -

You workspace and your residence, both have so many equipments that run on power. Tripping circuits, flickering lights, on and off connection can cause damage to them as well. Hence, choose Innvoke Power electrical solutions to maintain good health of your equipment too.

UPS Systems, UPS batteries & Rack

Imagine having a workspace where there's an outage every other day? or a place where spikes keep happening? Sounds dangerous right?

To make your workspace power-friendly, An Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is used to protect utility-supplied power from critical loads like spikes, brownouts, fluctuations, all using a dedicated battery. UPS systems help in preventing damages caused by overcurrents and voltage spikes.

UPS Systems, UPS batteries & Rack
Critical Space Power Management & Electrical Audits

Critical Space Power Management & Electrical Audits

Critical Spaces Power Management like electricity management for data centers is one of the core services that Innvoke Power offers. Data centers are extremely crucial areas of any company as it stores all the important information. Maintaining electrical connection, ensuring safety for data centers is what Innvoke power can help you with. Also, as Electricity is one of the most important element of modern society and so power quality monitoring becomes more relevant. Compromised power quality can cost damage to electric equipment and hinder productivity as well.Innvoke Power helps you perform electrical audits timely.

LT Panel, Switchgears, MCB, Transformers

Innvoke Power offers LT Panels which are used with low tension cables to obtain power from the generator or transformer and distributes electricity to various electrical devices. Switchgears helps you with electrical protection, electrical isolation and control. Professional electrical solutions like LT Panel, Switchgears, MCB, Transformers are essential to ensure effective running of all equipments and power. Innvoke Power helps you with all that.

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