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"Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently"

In today's time where climate changes are horrifying us, where nature in every form is telling us that it needs to be conserved, It's highly important to inculcate sustainability in our lifestyles.

Sustainability and energy management are not mere concepts of a third world, it's the need of the hour. Gone are the days when sustainability just meant closing tap while brushing your teeth or carpooling to reduce pollution.

Now with the help of companies like Innvoke Power, you can serve the environment while serving yourself.

The key focus of Innvoke Poweris to strengthen all its businesses and alliances & to provide top-notch services to all the industries including education, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

Innvoke Power believes that each customer has their unique demand and hence caters to them likewise. We understand your requirement and then offer a solution.

Customized Solution

Just like each individual is different from the other, each person's energy requirement is different too. We don't believe in the "One Size Fits All" approach and hence we cater to each customer differently.

One contact for all your needs

Innvoke Power offers everything from Advanced electrical solutions, Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning Solutions to complete servicing of Data Centres.

Unparalleled Services

lnnvoke Power is a dedicated energy management solution provider. We aim to safeguard our customer's businesses with hi-tech solutions.



To make Innvoke Power, the energy management team of choice, a go-to HVAC and Electrical solution provider who gives the highest value services and to become the numero-uno in its profile.


To Build Trust among the clients, employees and business associates through Innvoke Power’s unparalleled services which is dedicated to providing clean and safe products and to enhancing the quality of life everywhere.


Meet our founders

Abhigya Das

Abhigya is a talented, hard-working, analytical and dedicated leader. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He also has an Advanced Engineering Diploma in HVAC. Highly skilled with Techno Commercials. He started Innvoke Power with his wisdom and experience of working with multiple MNCs like Schneider electrics, Uniflair, GEA for 8 years.

Kamaljeet Hundal

Kamaljeet is all about delivering value and creating a difference. He is a true leader and loves to inspire people to reach their life goals. He's a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He is a true visionary and embraces win-win opportunities with both hands wide open. In his free time, you may find him glued to his screen watching documentaries or searching for the next music festival to attend.

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